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Welcome to the world of Satta! If you wish to play satta with unlimited winnings and easy withdrawals with all your matka bazar games then you are at the right place.This is the best website for easy understanding of games, unlimited play and winnings with near to zero investment. Download the app by clicking the link below.


Bazaar Name

Main Mumbai

OPEN: 9:40 PMCLOSE:11:59 PM

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 07:15 PM CLOSE: 08:15 PM

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 1:30 PM CLOSE: 2:55 PM

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 03:05 PM CLOSE: 05:05 PM

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 12:40 PMCLOSE: 01:40 pm

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 12:30 PMCLOSE: 02:30 PM

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 08:10 PM CLOSE: 09:10 PM

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 08:55 PM CLOSE: 10:55 PM

Play Bazaar


OPEN: 11.00 am CLOSE: 10.00 pm

Play Bazaar

Time Kalyan

OPEN: 12:40 PM CLOSE: 2:40 PM

Play Bazaar

And Many More Play Bazaar....

Live Matka Tricks, Open, Close, Single, जोड़ी Sangam results पाइए आपके अपने पसंदिदा App पर

Bazzar Bhav

Starline Bazzar

Single Akda - 1₹ pe 10₹

Single Panna- 1₹ pe 150₹

Double Panna- 1₹ pe 300₹

Tripple Panna- 1₹ pe 800₹


Regular Bazzar

Double Panna- 1₹ pe 300₹

Single Panna- 1₹ pe 150₹

Tripple Panna- 1₹ pe 800₹

Single Akda - 1₹ pe 10₹

Sangam- 1₹ pe 100₹

Jodi - 1₹ pe 100₹


King Bazzar

Single Digit- 1₹ pe 10₹

Second Digit- 1₹ pe 10₹

Jodi- 1₹ pe 100₹


About Play Satta App & Play Satta Online Game

Hey Amigos, are you ready to shine and glow? Play satta app brings you a collection of classic games that can turn your boring life hella amazing! We bring you a chance to play satta matka online with an amalgamation of some classic markets from all over India. You can find some top-class bazars like Kalyan, Milan, Rajdhani, Balaji, and many more. With these games, you can find some special king games. King games include some interesting and northern bazar like Gali, Disawar, Faridabad, Gaziabad, and many more.

Play like a king in the best online satta play app! What makes our app stand out is the long-lasting ways. What makes the play satta app is that it has an online casino in it as well.

  • Teen Patti
  • Andar Bahar
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Poker

All of these games in one single platform that makes it unique and the best in all the aspects. This is one of the first apps that have all of these features and many more. Now just with simple clicks, one can do wonders.

What happens when you download?

You cannot download Play Satta App and online matka play app, live casino, and poker from anywhere. Right after downloading player needs to register, where he is required to fill a form with some basic information about him. After that, he/she will deposit any amount through a lot of payment modes. We offer numerous payment modes so that our clients can pay easily and safely. Our client’s safety is of utmost importance.

But we all understand that not everyone can be tech savvy. So, we have a set of tech savvy customer care executives to take care of you completely. Our customer care executive will give you a call once you have registered. They will be guiding you through the entire online satta app and will also help you with transactions and the game itself. Though one can find an abundance of Satta Matka apps in the market, this particular play satta app can leave its print because it is one of its kind. This is the first online matka play app where you can find so many games at your fingertips. So get started with this game that can make history!

Characteristics of Online Matka Play App

There are many different online Matka Play Apps available so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. The most important factor to consider is the type of Matka you want to play.

There are three main types of Matka: Play Satta App, online satta app, and online satta play app. Each has its own set of rules and requirements that must be followed to be successful.

Play Satta App is the most popular type of Matka and is the easiest to learn. This type of Matka is played with a single deck of cards and requires no strategy.

The online satta app is similar to the Play Satta App but includes more complex rules that can be difficult to understand if you are not experienced in playing this type of game.

The online satta play app is the most challenging form of Matka and is best suited for those who want a real challenge. This type of game includes more complicated rules and requires a lot of strategic planning.

There are many different types of online matka play Satta apps. Some apps are designed for people who want to make money while playing, while others are designed for people who want to have fun and win prizes.

Some apps are free to download, while others require a subscription fee. The most important feature of an online satta play app is the ability to connect with other players.

How to Download the online Satta App?

If you are looking for an easy way to track your investments, the online Satta App is a good option. The app is available and it is free to download. Once you have downloaded it, you can use it to track your stock portfolio, bond portfolio, and mutual fund holdings. You can also access the app using your mobile phone or computer.

play satta starline

How to play on Play Satta App

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Common Queries With Best Solution About Satta Matka

1. What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a renovated form of number gambling or Matka booking. Initially, it was known as Ankada Jugar and played offline. It is a lottery or betting that involves integers between 0-9. The play Satta online is fun with features like a wallet, guessing forums, Satta Matka charts, king Jodi charts, game variations, live chat, etc. Unlike the old-fashioned Matka booking, the online Matka play app enables you to secure more profits from the lavish spread of choices in-game variations like Open, Close, Jodi, 220 Patti, Sangam, and Half- Sangam. The basics of offline and online tricky number gambling remain the same, but the Matka online is garnished with several exciting features, especially the live open and close Matka results.

2. What is a Satta Number?

As we know, the online Satta app is a tricky number game. A state number is a number between 0-9 that you randomly select or calculate and place wagers on it. Usually, the old punters selected a single akda randomly for Kalyan Matka and Worli Matka. But the online Matka play app gets to play with exciting game variations, and thus, they get options to select the satta numbers for Jodi, Panna, etc. The satta numbers differ depending upon the variations. For instance, Jodi requires you to pick two digits, whereas 220 patti requires you to select three integers. The top play Satta online usually calculate the numbers and then guess them. A live matka player should also know ways to calculate the final ank. Suppose you need to guess or calculate Kalyan open. Select three integers between 0-9 and add them. For instance, you selected 3, 4, and 9 and the sum derived is (3+4+9 = 16). Please note that the last digit of the derived sum plays an essential role as a final ank in any variation or single akda. Thus, 6 is the final digit for Kalyan open.

The top online satta players usually calculate the numbers and then guess them. A live matka player should also know ways to calculate the final ank. Suppose you need to guess or calculate Kalyan open. Select three integers between 0-9 and add them. For instance, you selected 3, 4, and 9 and the sum derived is (3+4+9 = 16). Please note that the last digit of the derived sum plays an essential role as a final ank in any variation or single akda. Thus, 6 is the final digit for Kalyan open.

3. Which Games Can We Play In Satta Matka?

Unlike the old matka booking, ऑनलाइन मटका में तीन प्राथमिक लाइव सट्टा बाजार हैं, रेगुलर, किंग और स्टारलाइन। इन शीर्ष बाजारों को दिन-रात खेले जाने वाले कई प्रसिद्ध मटका ऑनलाइन खेलों में वर्गीकृत किया गया है। प्रत्येक प्राथमिक बाजार में कल्याण, राजधानी, मिलन, भूतनाथ, सिंडिकेट, जनता, दुबई, बालाजी, कुबेर, माधुरी, गली गोल्ड, श्रीदेवी, दीसावर, और सूची में कई और अधिक पसंदीदा खेल हैं। These markets have different result timings and options to bet in different game variations.

4. What is the margin of winning?

The winning margin is the maximum range an online Matka site offers to its users and participants. There is no such fixed winning margin in the online Matka play app. It depends on the site owners to offer their choicest level of margins. Also, the winning margin differs depending upon the game variations. For instance, a player can secure more in 220 Patti than a single akda. Players can win full rates in the online Satta Matka games in the verified PS Games app. As far as winning chances matter in the online Satta play app, we all know it is purely a chance game. The newly added features extensively help polish your winning chances, but there is no guarantee to win every stake. It is a number guessing game, and the closer your guessing is, the more chances to win.

5. Where can we get results?

The accurate and fast Matka results are the essence of online Satta Matka gambling. Visit the result website like dpboss or install the online satta play app to catch live results in the famous day and night Matka games like Kalyan, Dubai Starline, Balaji day, Milan night, Morning Syndicate night, etc. If you miss any day catching the online Satta app live open and close results or king Jodi results, explore satta matka charts or king Jodi charts. The panel chart displays game results in different variations like 220 patti, Jodi, open, and close. But Jodi charts show only Jodi gameplay satta online results with open and close numbers.

6. Where can we win maximum?

There is no limit to betting and winning. You can be a millionaire someday if you play consistently with accurate guessing and patience. Still, if you desire to collect more funds in your account, try your hands in 220 kamdhenu or Sangam and half-Sangam. Winning stakes in these variations offer more significant volumes of returns than Jodi or single akda. For safe gameplay and error-free cash transactions, install the online matka play app. It is a verified application to enjoy play satta app with a lower betting bhav of ten rupees with full rates. Also, online deposits and instant withdrawals will secure your funds.

7. Is play Satta online best for making online money?

Yes, you can secure profits and make quick money from play satta online. But, we advise you not to make it a sole earning source, but utilize this game as an entertainment source and enjoy testing luck and your guesses. We all know that satta matka is gambling, and there is no fixed income. It is a chance game and depends on the quality and exact guessings you make. Matka gambling has been thrilling the public for decades to make quick money, risking a meagre amount, which, if you lose, doesn’t make a big difference. But it gives hope and helps to earn extra. Gambling is never supported and is illegal in several regions. Thus, verified applications like the online Satta play app are a safe and secure way to take chances in matka gambling. The online Satta app, and live satta bazaars are exciting to play in different variations, but restricting your greed and having patience is equally essential.

The live satta bazars are exciting to play in different variations, but restricting your greed and having patience is equally essential.

8. What is an online Satta app wallet, and how much money can we add/withdraw from the wallet?

The wallet is an exciting feature in the online Matka play app. If you play Satta online in the PS Games app, you can enjoy this wallet feature for free. The wallet in the app records all the cash transaction history including deposits, withdrawals, betting history, winning amounts, and bonuses. In short, you get a complete account statement of your investments in the Satta Bazar.

In the PS Games app, you can deposit up to 50,000 amounts and withdraw a maximum of 50,000 rupees at a time. For more withdrawals, you need to place a new request.

PS Games app is a secure play satta app to enjoy safe gameplay. The online payment system in the online satta play app saves you time, and the wallet feature keeps you updated about your cash transactions. You can also download the cash transaction records anytime and utilize them for reconciliation.

9. What are the tips for Play Satta online?

There are many tips for Play Satta online. The first step is to set up your account. Once you have an account, you can join a game or create your own game. There are many different types of games that you can play, including casino games, roulette games, and blackjack games. You can also play arcade games and card games. If you're new to the online Satta app, we recommend that you start with one of the easier games and work your way up to the more difficult ones.

If you're looking to have a lot of fun playing online Satta, then you should use an app like Play Satta. This app has a lot of features that will make playing much easier for you. For example, it has a live chat system so that you can talk to other players and get help if needed. It also has an auto-pilot feature that will help you win more money. And best of all, it's free to use!

10. Best App for Online Satta Play App

If you're looking for an online casino that provides exciting and engaging casino games, look no further than the best app for online Satta play app. This app offers a wide variety of games that are perfect for both casual and hardcore players. You can enjoy excellent graphics, sound, and gameplay without ever leaving your home.

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to play online satta, then the best app for you is the Online Satta Play App. This app allows you to play satta against other players from all over the world. It's easy to use and features a user-friendly interface.

Our Speciality

Best of play satta

Playsatta is an authentic satta website to collect reliable and correct information about the live satta bazars, Regular, King, and Starline. Also, check the games listed under these top bazars with their exact result timings mentioned underneath. The contents on the site are reliable, and it also provides simple instructions on how to play games. The best reason to register on the site is its associated PS Games app - a trustable and verified app to enjoy safe gameplays in the satta markets.

As gambling is not permitted to play legally, the play satta app is the best way to enter the online matka world and play anonymously.

Play satta website is SSL secured, and the added user's data get secured using 256-bit encryption. The data gets converted into a coded string that cannot be read and saves it from hacking or leakage. Accurate and fast results are crucial to secure profits. You can catch the live results in the PS Games app. Also, the Panel and Jodi results charts published on the site are for players' future consideration and analysis. We aim to help each user and participant secure good gains from their wagerings. Thus, our professionals provide the best guessing tips with maximum probabilities of winning the stakes. Even a neophyte in the satta world can profit at the initial stage.

The users can quickly deposit or make instant withdrawals using any of the listed authentic payment gateways in the app. The online payment system saves time and also supports error-free cash transactions. It is essential to keep track of your funds and calculate the net profits. The wallet feature in the app provides you with ready accounts of your investments in the satta games. You can easily keep track of your funds without wasting time and download them whenever required.

The users of play satta need to deposit a minimum of 300 rupees to start with the matka world. The lower betting rate is ten rupees only. The maximum deposit amounts to 50,000 rupees, and also the maximum withdrawals at a time is 50,000 rupees. Apart from this, 2% charges get deducted on each withdrawal towards the maintenance fee. There are no other hidden charges a user ever suffers with on the play satta website or for using PS Games app. We support each user anytime with required assistance related to game inquiries, deposits or instant withdrawals, payment issues, in-app errors, etc. They can share their problems or queries feedback or live chat option.

Online Casino

Welcome to play satta to enjoy and have fun in the casino world. If you love playing any form of casino games like table or card games, then you have landed on the right platform to enjoy and have great fun.

Casino games came into the picture decades before, starting with the land-based version on foreign lands. Initially, it was not highly popular in India, but Indians got attracted to play new ways of traditional card games with new people. And this was possible with the introduction of online gaming platforms and online casinos. Usually, casinos were also considered gambling, and thus, the land-based casino witnessed less locality. But the online casinos changed people's perspectives and speculation.

The online version of traditional casinos is more exciting, and people get to select from numerous games to play online casinos and win. If you love to experience real casinos sitting at your homes, we highly recommend you install our PS Games app and enjoy never-ending fun and win jackpots.

PS Games app is a suitable application to enjoy matka and casino games. The app is designed to enjoy winning in both casino and satta matka games simultaneously. The app has a list of Top Games, including Teen patti, Evolution, Bollywood, Live table games, Live SSG games, Slot games, Indian casino, Poker, Rummy, Baccarat, Roulette, Andhar-Bahar, Dragon-Tiger, Blackjack, and many more.

If you wonder why you should play the online casinos in the PS Games, we list points that will significantly satisfy your query.

The app is safe and reliable to have a phenomenal experience compared to land-based casinos. The outcome of the casino game in the app is managed by a random number generator so that there are no chances of result manipulations and frauds.

The app is secured with advanced technologies, and data measurements convert users' data into unreadable coded strings.

The online deposit system and multiple payment gateway options allow players to enjoy interrupted games.

Evolution and Bollywood are also casino games. Both consist of several live table games and card games. Bollywood casino is primarily for the Indians, and thus, the table and play is designed keeping in mind the taste of Indians.

If you've already installed the PS Games app, the added funds in the wallet can be utilised to play casino and matka both. Unlike matka, casino games have different betting rates depending upon the games. You can tap on any game and commence to play. You can play against the live dealer or in the group. Select from the betting rates option and click. If you win, the amounts get added to the wallet or deducted from the deposits. You are free to play as many bets as you feel interested in. Are you fond of playing teen patti or poker, but confused with how to proceed with online casinos? Never mind, our educated and experienced support team work round the clock providing assistance to users and participants.

Teen Patti

Is teen patti a genuine game?

Teen patti is a traditional card game. It has several variations to play and win. At least three players are required to commence the game. Initially, the Indians enjoyed this game on special occasions and played with real cash, especially the high-class people. Teen patti falls under the gambling category, and thus, it is not considered genuine. Still, for decades, it has been enchanting card lovers to test their fate.

But playing online teen patti is far more safe and exciting. The PS Games app is suitable to enjoy the game sitting at any corner, anytime. The app has a vast user base, and you will always find ongoing games in teen patti. Teen patti online in casinos is far more interesting as you need not wait to see playing partners, and also, you can have fun in the game playing anonymously. Installing a verified application like the PS Games, you need not worry about fraud and can relax with error-free online cash transactions.

Who is the owner of the teen patti game?

Saurabh Aggrawal is behind the beautiful idea of inventing software to play online teen patti. Teen patti, a traditional card game, has been exciting Indians and others for decades in their leisures. Some got addicted to it and played with real money to win extra cash now and then. Initially famous as a favourite pastime, the land-based teen patti flourished globally. Saurabh, a non-gamer, came up with an idea to introduce the same in the way it gets trendy online and people can have immense fun without worrying about playing online teen patti is genuine or not.

How can I learn teen patti online?

Teen patti is a card game. It has several variations that the participants and practice must understand. Usually, offline, a minimum of three players were required. But playing teen patti online in the PS Games, you need not collect players to enjoy. To start playing teen patti online in the PS Games app, please follow the listed instructions:

Install the application from the site and deposit a minimum of 300 rupees.

Tap on the Indian Teen Patti or select a table under the Evolution or the Bollywood casino.

Teen patti has different variations like Three of a Kind or Trio, Straight Flush, Straight, Flush, Pair, and High Card. Before commencing the game, it is wise to understand these variations.

At the beginning of the game, a betting timer will show your bets will be accepted. You get a few options for betting at different rates. Once your chance is taken, a dealer deals one card each to both the players. As the cards pass through the scanner, the cards are visible on the screen. Cards with higher value win, and the amount gets added to your wallet.

You can continue playing with different betting rates or click on the rebet during the betting time to continue with the same bet.

You also get to place bets on Pair plays or six cards bonuses that need to be decided before the initial bet. The game continues the same way as long as you keep wagering.

What are the rules of teen patti online?

Teen patti has different variations ranging from higher to lower. A player needs to understand it before commencing the game. The variations rank as below:

Three of a Kind or Trio

Pure Sequence (same suit)

Sequence (different suits don't matter)



High card

The first rule of playing online teen patti is to understand game variations and rankings clearly. A player needs to deposit an Ante or Boot, a forced wager for every player. Each player is dealt three cards face down. The game proceeds clockwise with the player next to the dealer. It is the player's choice to play blind or seen. If he decides to go blind, he needs to add the Ante with the same amount or higher.

If a player chooses to see the cards, he gets an option to fold or continue by adding double the blind amount. The game continues the same way till one player is left at the end and is announced a winner. The players get the option of side-seeing, where one player privately compares the card with another player on his side with his consent. A player with a higher card will continue. If both players hold the same cards, a player opts for side-seeing and needs to drop the cards.

A blind player need not show the cards unless asked.


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